What Should You Wear to Your Chiropractor Appointment?

What To Wear To Chiropractor

For chiropractor appointments, working out what to wear can be a real problem. You want to look presentable, but you need to balance that with what’s practical. What’s right and what’s wrong if you are going to get waxed? What would be inappropriate to wear to the dentist or your primary care doctor?

Working out what to wear to the chiropractor is no easier, mainly if this is your first time seeing one. Many patients reach out to us before their first appointment, as they are not sure what to expect.

During a chiropractic appointment, you will usually lie down on a padded table for extended periods. The clothes you wear should, therefore, be comfortable. In addition, make sure that they do not restrict movement. During adjustments, chiropractors are trying to improve your spinal motion, so any clothing that restricts your flexibility or movement will hinder effective treatment.

In short, your clothes should be loose-fitting and comfortable, with no excess accessories. It is important to bear in mind while choosing your outfit that the chiropractor will need to adjust and move your body around.

We have created the following guide to help address any questions you have and to guide you when picking out clothes before a chiropractic visit.

Top Four Questions:

1) Will I Have to Undress?

This is often the first thing new patients wonder before a chiropractic appointment, and it can weigh heavily on them beforehand.

In general chiropractic care, you do not have to undress, and assuming you have dressed appropriately, being clothed will not impede your chiropractor’s work. There is nothing about wearing clothes that necessarily stops your chiropractor from carrying out their exercises and manipulations on your body. It is just as important to remember certain clothing choices might impede the extent to which they can do this well.

A chiropractor may require you to lift a shirt up or slip a shirt off the shoulder, but nothing more than that.

In other chiropractic services, you may be required to undress. These services include massage therapy, and you would undress to your comfort level only. The therapist would leave the room while you undress or provide a modesty screen.

2) Should I Wear Jeans?

The most important thing to consider when choosing clothes for a chiropractic appointment is your range of motion. How flexible can you be in the clothes you are wearing, and how easy will it be for the chiropractor to manipulate your joints?

You can wear jeans, but only if they are loose-fitting and do not impede your range of motion. Tight skinny jeans or pants made out of thick material should, for this reason, not be worn. It will be awkward for both you and the practitioner if certain adjustments aren’t possible because your jeans or pants are restricting movement, and you won’t get the most out of the session.

Also, avoid wearing a belt. As you will be lying on your front, this can be uncomfortable as it will dig into your stomach.

3) What Type of Shoes Should I Wear?

This is another important element that can be overlooked. Why would shoes matter in a chiropractic appointment?

You need to be as comfortable and limber as possible. For that reason, knee-high boots, work boots, and heels will all be inappropriate to wear. We recommend wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes such as sneakers.

Of course, if you are coming from work or going to work afterward, you may have no option but to wear those shoes. In this instance, bring a spare pair of shoes to change into or take your shoes off during the appointment. Many patients are barefoot or just wear socks during the appointment – taking off your footwear is just as acceptable as wearing comfortable shoes.

4) What Should I Wear?

Dressing appropriately for a chiropractic visit depends on wearing comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your range of motion. So when you work out what to wear to chiropractor appointments, this should be at the front of your mind as you pick out your outfit.

Loose clothing is best on your top half. Consider shorts, yoga pants, leggings, or sweat pants for your bottom half. Anything easy to move into will be okay. If you are coming from work, we recommend bringing a change of clothes if your work clothes aren’t ideal for a chiropractic appointment.

Chiropractic Questions For Women

Should I Wear a Bra?

Many women wonder if they should wear a bra because chiropractors will be working on their backs.

Rest assured that you can wear a bra. Regardless of whether it is a regular, strapless, or sports bra, it won’t interfere with your treatment at all.

Again, this may be different if you are having a chiropractic massage, but you would only undress to your comfort level. For general chiropractic treatments, there is no problem with wearing a bra.

Can I Wear a Skirt or a Dress?

We would advise patients against wearing a skirt or dress, as they can hinder movement and risk a wardrobe malfunction. Some dresses are loose-fitting, but as a rule, it is not always easy to adjust somebody who is wearing a suit. The practitioner will also need you to lie in a variety of different positions, and it won’t always be easy to keep you covered if you are wearing a dress.

If you have to wear a dress or skirt to work and visit the chiropractor straight after your shift, consider bringing a pair of shorts to wear underneath before your appointment.

What Should I Not Wear to a Chiropractic Appointment?

Leave the Suit and Tie at Home

Do not worry about dressing up for an appointment. No chiropractor will think you have dressed too informally – all they are concerned about is your comfort and flexibility. In many ways, the more informal you dress, the better.

If you are making your chiropractic visit before or after work, we recommend bringing a change of clothes. Suits are awkward and stiff, which means they can interfere with many of the adjustments and exercises that your practitioner wants to do.

Further, while lying down on your front or in any of the other possible positions, it is likely your suit will wrinkle.

Change into your suit when you get to work or bring spare clothes with you. It will make your chiropractor’s job more comfortable, and it will save your suit.

Avoid Too Many Layers of Clothing

During the fall and winter, we all want to bundle up our layers to stay warm. This can be a problem when you are having a chiropractor appointment, as it can make moving awkward and restrict your flexibility.

We recommend either wearing a big warm coat with fewer layers underneath so that you don’t have to bundle up with lots of layers or removing your layers before the appointment. (Make sure that you are comfortable with the bottom layer you wear during the treatment.)

Try to Keep Makeup to a Minimum

We understand that everyone wants to look their best and feel comfortable in their own skin. Indeed, preparing your look and your outfit for a chiropractor’s appointment can be tricky if you have engagements before or after it. Even so, we like patients to minimize the amount of makeup they wear to appointments.

Our practitioners may put you in a few different positions, which can cause makeup to come off on our table or maybe on your clothes. Indeed, because chiropractors use a drop-down table, you will spend a lot of time with your face down. This risks smudging your makeup.

Remove Your Hats, Please

It’s best to take off your hat before the appointment. You can get too warm wearing it, and caps can make many of the positions awkward for you and the chiropractor.


We hope this handy guide helps work out what to wear for your first chiropractor appointment! If you are unsure, ask yourself which clothes are comfortable, and don’t restrict your range of movement.

Dr. Doug Loehrer, Owner of Sunrise Chiropractic.

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