Meet Dr. Dan Flynn

Sacramento Chiropractor

Dr. Doug proudly introduces Dr. Daniel Flynn, DC to our Sunrise Chiropractic family. As many of you know Dr. Doug and his family are relocating out of state so he has been looking for someone to fill his shoes. Well, Dr. Dan is that man. Dr Dan has been shadowing Dr. Doug since the first of August, taking note of how each patient prefers to be adjusted. Dr. Dan and Dr. Doug share similar chiropractic philosophies and adjusting styles. Many of you have already met him, but if you haven’t, please come in so Dr. Doug can introduce you personally. We want to ensure you continue to get the high-quality chiropractic care you are accustomed to.

Dr. Dan grew up in a chiropractic household. When I say that, I mean his actual childhood home was attached to his father’s chiropractic office. He knows firsthand how great chiropractic can be. It’s no surprise that Dr. Dan and his two brothers all became chiropractors.

Dr. Dan graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College. After completing his board testing and getting his license he took over his ailing father’s chiropractic practice in San Mateo, CA. He practiced there for about twenty years until eventually selling the practice and purchasing another in South San Francisco. After several years he sold the practice in South San Francisco, moving across the country to Virginia to raise his family and pursue other business opportunities. His two children, Megan and Sean, have both finished their college experiences and are venturing out on their own.

Dr. Doug will be out of town the week of August 28th, in which Dr. Dan will be solo in the office. Dr. Doug will return on September 6th, staying for a couple more weeks to finalize the practice change of hands and say goodbye to our many wonderful patients he’s cared for over the years.

You’ll be in good chiropractic hands with Dr. Dan!

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