What Is Subluxation of the Spine?

Subluxation is a common term in the chiropractic field. But if you’re not a practitioner, you might not know what it is or how it …

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What Is A Subluxation (The Joint Kind)

If you’ve recently experienced joint pain or discomfort, and now it’s not arthritis, you may have a subluxation. What is a subluxation? A subluxation is …

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Why Does My Back Hurt When I Wake Up?

Do you often find yourself waking up with lower back pain? If so, you’re not alone! Some discomfort in the morning is common, so some …

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Headache After Chiropractor Visit? There May Be a Reason Why

When you make an appointment for your chiropractic care, you are probably looking forward to immediate relief. These visits are ideal for relieving a variety …

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Burning Sciatica Question: How Many Treatments For Sciatica With A Chiropractor [An Expert’s Take]

Sciatica is one of the hardest conditions to ignore; it’s with you every step you take. It’s also far more common than you’d think. Around …

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How Do Chiropractors Know Where To Adjust? 

If you’re one of the 540 million people who suffer from chronic back pain, you probably know how difficult it can be to get to …

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