How To Find A Good Chiropractor In Your Local Area

Chiropractic is a profession that covers a wide variety of practices and techniques. This can make it hard for you to pick the practitioner that is most compatible for you and why you need to see them. It is important you know how to find a good chiropractor.

Since chiropractic practices involve mostly hands-on procedures, you should consider both the reputation of the chiropractor and their treatment styles.

Getting To Know Your Chiropractor

getting to know your chiropractor

Before you start your treatment, it’s best to have an in-office consultation or phone interview with the practitioner you’re thinking of booking with. This is so you can learn about their techniques, clinic, and chiropractic philosophies in general. You should also check out whether their schedule works with yours and how often they suggest you visit them. Usually, a reputable chiropractor will request an appointment to discuss these details.

Here are some examples of important questions to ask yourself at the first meeting with a chiropractor:

  1. Is the chiropractor acting friendly and respectful?
  2. Do I feel comfortable talking with them?
  3. How many years have they been in practice?
  4. Would I feel comfortable with the practitioner’s treatments and practices they are describing?

These questions ensure you have a good gut feeling about working with the practitioner, and whether you’ll be happy working closely with them. With this information, you’ll be able to find a good chiropractor in your area. Finding a good chiropractor will also make you want to visit them more often. 

What is Your Chiropractor’s Reputation?

A practical first step when setting out to pick a good chiropractor is to get your primary care physician’s recommendations. You could also ask a physical therapist for any chiropractors they view as trustworthy. For example, you could ask: “If you needed to visit a chiropractor, who would you recommend?” Many medical professionals should be able to make an appropriate recommendation.

You could also ask your friends, neighbors, or co-workers about chiropractic clinics that they have visited. Their recommendations can be valuable, but their definitions of the best chiropractic care may vary from yours. Typically, if you get suggestions about the same chiropractor from multiple people, they are likely to be reliable.

As with many other businesses, you should look at their office’s reviews on Google, Yelp, and similar websites. These sources may have details about chiropractic philosophies or chiropractor practices you wouldn’t expect when you need to find a good practitioner. Sometimes, even a good chiropractor in your area can have patients with negative experiences.

What is Your Chiropractor’s Educational Background?

chiropractor medical book

To feel most comfortable with your chiropractor, you should trust their educational background. One thing you should consider is whether they have a post-graduate or undergraduate specialty. While this isn’t necessary, some chiropractors have pursued programs in areas such as orthopedics and sports medicine that might be relevant to you. You can learn this by researching or asking them directly.

While the majority of chiropractor practices are reliable, some may have chiropractic philosophies that are questionable. These are some examples of techniques to be wary of:

  • The chiropractor says they are the only ones that can perform this new treatment.
  • They say they can cure severe chronic conditions like asthma or heartburn.
  • The same types of chiropractic practices are used for every patient, no matter the condition of the patient.
  • The same types of treatment are continuously recommended with no end goal in sight.

If you visit a practitioner’s office and experience any of the above, it may be time to get a second opinion. When you’re looking for a good chiropractor, suspicious techniques should not be a part of the process.

Questions to Ask About Their Techniques

When you are looking to find a good chiropractor, it is important to have a basic understanding of the techniques they use. This way, you’ll be able to assess if there is an appropriate patient-practitioner relationship. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself after the first visit with your practitioner:

  • What techniques do they use and why are these used? Since most chiropractors know a range of techniques, they will choose the ones best suited for each patient’s conditions.
  • Does the practitioner use an instrument or their hands for spinal manipulation?
  • How experienced is the chiropractor in treating problems similar to my condition?
  • Do they like to use low-force adjustments, or deeper, popping ones?

After you ask these questions, you may even find yourself researching more information on specific chiropractic techniques. By doing this, you’ll avoid questionable practitioners and receive the best quality of care. When it comes to how to choose a good chiropractor, research is the most important part.

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The 33 Chiropractic Principles

1) The Major Premise

Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Since it is universal it is common to every locality. Therefore, it is in anything and everything that is in the same locality. In the beginning it created matter; it did not, then, abandon matter but creates or unfolds thoughts for its every moment. This solicitude maintains matter in existence. The physical “properties” which matter has, are but force (energy) continually given to it by intelligence. In a like manner, the quality that matter is said to possess, is what intelligence is giving it. Life ,as chiropractic sees it, is a quality or character that matter may have, occasioned by the presence of, or attention of intelligence, having continuation or duration, involving time. No lesser agency than Universal Intelligence can prevent any of these things but the perfect expression of intelligence, according to what man wants, may be prevented by limitations of matter. Even this is a universal law and is a phase of the Universal Cycle.

Life is a combination of intelligence, force, and matter. Matter makes up the material universe- intelligence is the immaterial universe, and force is what binds them together. We perceive force as forms of energy.

Matter is that which fills space and its function is to express force. It does not fill all space, but there is no limit to the places you may find it. You may travel in space for an unlimited time, and no matter how far you got, you would find material. The amount of it is infinite. “Infinite” means having no limit- no boundaries. “Universal” means everywhere- common to every locality. Therefore, being infinite and everywhere, we use the term Universe. If you subtract from the material universe, any amount you wish to name- no matter how large- it would not diminish the total amount. That is what infinity means.

The immaterial Universe is the intelligence that made all this. It, too, is everywhere, and therefore it is in all matter. It created everything, so it must have “known how” infinitely, and is all-wise. It is stronger than the strongest thing it made; and older, for it was there first. It is omnipotent, and unlimited. It fills all time, space, and distance.

The definitions of Chiropractic give it plenty of latitude in the realm of things universal. Therefore we are able to go back to the most fundamental principle of all; to “get our backs against the wall,” so to speak, and know that we are starting at the beginning. To question this fundamental is to be like the child who turns a picture over to see it from the back, or asks who made God.

2) The Chiropractic Meaning of Life

The expression of intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life.

The meaning of the term life has many interpretations. It is usually accepted to mean existence, or duration, or a vague idea of both. To Chiropractic, it is definitely the expression of intelligence; the manifestation of intelligence. Then in this broad sense the meaning is not limited to mere organic matter, but includes all matter. Therefore, we will be obliged to make a deductive classification, going from general to the specific and deal with the specific; viz., universal life and organic life.

3) The Union of Intelligence and Matter

Life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter.

Without intelligence, matter could not even exist. Without matter, intelligence could not be expressed. We are never aware of motion unless we perceive matter moving. The study of physics shows us that some form of energy gets into matter to make it move. Without this energy, matter is inert. The study of physics also shows us that no matter is totally inert; therefore it always has some energy in it. Energy must have origin. From its character of precision and accuracy, we deduce that its origin is intelligence- nothing less. These facts from which we derive our conclusions are axioms- can be perceived everywhere. Our recognition of the intelligence of life or of motion in matter depends upon our ability to recognize law.

4) The Triune of Life

Life is a Triune having three necessary united factors namely, intelligence, force, and matter.

Without intelligence, matter could not even exist. Without matter, intelligence could not be expressed. Then there is a bond between intelligence and matter that cannot be dispensed with. These three factors; intelligence, matter, and the bond between them, are inseparable. The bond is called force. It is sometimes called ” The Missing Link.” Unlike other sciences, which study them separately, Chiropractic studies them all together.

5) The Perfection of the Triune

In order to have one hundred percent life, there must be one hundred percent of intelligence, one hundred percent of force, and one hundred percent of matter.

It is obvious that the three factors of the triune are inseparable; they are not separable in part, if one hundred percent perfection is maintained. Since intelligence is always one hundred percent perfect, and always creates one hundred percent of force, it is certain that if any imperfections of the triune exist, that matter is the only part of the triune that can be imperfect. Since matter cannot be destroyed by any lesser agency than the Creator, it is obvious that this imperfection is not in matter itself, but in the quantity, quality, and arrangement of matter. Hence, there are limitations in structures of matter; in its imperfect building; its imperfect arrangements; the wrong kind of matter for the purpose or even the lack of matter which should be in that structure but is not. From this fact arises the expression so often used fundamentally in Chiropractic. The expression of intelligence may be hindered by limitations of matter.

6) The Principle of Time

There is no process which does not require time.

Since action of matter implies a procession of events, a continuity, naturally time enters into the triune as an element. Time is an element necessary to the bond between intelligence and matter. Force is a word implying action; action is process. Action implies one event after another. One event after another, forming a series, implies time. No happening, even though it takes only a moment, but happens in a unit of time, or fraction of a unit of time.

7) The Amount of Intelligence in Matter

The amount of intelligence for any given unit of matter is always one hundred per cent, and is always proportional to its requirements.

There are any number of instances in the existence of matter which prove that it has the requisite amount of attention from the Creator. That requisite amount is enough and no more. It is, therefore, the perfect amount- one hundred percent. “Amount” means perfection, and that is what is needed for the maintenance of the unit as it is. No power less than the Creator could deprive a unit of matter of its share of intelligence; but limitations of matter may prevent the expression of that intelligence. The “amount” that one unit has, may be less than that which another unit has, but is always one hundred per cent for that particular unit. This holds true in both organic and inorganic matter.

8) The Function of Intelligence

The Function of Intelligence is to create Force.

Everything in the universe has a purpose; that purpose is its function. Intelligence is in the universe, therefore it has a function. It is evident that the function of intelligence is to think. Thinking is the origin of force. Creating is the thinking or unfolding of thoughts. The force of thought is the greatest of all forces, for it is really the fundamental of all energies; of all dynamics.

9) The Amount of Force Created by Intelligence

The amount of Force created by Intelligence is always one hundred percent.

Force is an immaterial thing; there is nothing to prevent intelligence from creating all its wants of it. But intelligence being perfect, therefore incapable of incorrect action, creates the requisite amount- no more, no less. The amount of force created by Innate in the brain cell is the proper amount to perform a specific act- no more, no less- hence one hundred percent. The amount created a moment later for the same tissue cell, may not be as much or the same quality, but would be exactly suitable for the occasion. This shows the law of adaptation.

10) The Function of Force

The Function of Force is to unite intelligence and matter.

We would never know there is such a thing as intelligence, since it is abstract, unless it is shown to us by matter; that is, expressed. Matter cannot exist without the attention of intelligence. Structures of matter cannot exist without the building forces of intelligence. Structures of matter cannot continue to exist without the maintenance by intelligence. This is accomplished by the application of force by intelligence. Thus force is the connecting link or bond between intelligence and matter.

11) The Character of Universal Forces

The forces of Universal Intelligence are manifested as physical laws; are unswerving and unadapted and have no solicitude for structures of matter.

Bodies actuated by physical forces will not go one iota out of their way to dodge anything in their paths. Things actuated by these forces may be injured or destroyed by their rigor. There is not the slightest variation of their amounts, qualities, or direction in order to protect a single thing. They are antipodal to adapted forces. However, the student must not conclude from this, that Universal Intelligence is maliciously destructive. It is but the working of the great cycle; the plan of Universal Intelligence that this be so, in order to maintain life. Universal Intelligence, by putting localized portions of itself in matter, builds up structures in order that there be something to tear down. What would happen eventually, if no structure was ever torn down? It is clear that creation would cease and there could be no further life; for structures must be destroyed in order that living things continue to live. A little thought will show us that every bit of food we eat or have eaten is organic matter, vegetable or animal, it matters not which, both have had Innates and have been deprived of their lives in order that we might live! Another thought; suppose all the people who have lived in all the thousands of years were living now, it is not possible that the entire surface of the earth would be covered several layers deep with their bodies?

Let us compare your watch to one of Innates’ structures for an analogy. This watch is made of molecules and atoms which are just as valuable to Universal Intelligence in the elemental state as they are in a structural state. The structure, however, was of value to the factory which made it, and is to you, who possess it. In the hands of both, it gets extreme care. You do not trust it to the tender mercies of universal laws by leaving it outdoors in all kinds of weather; by putting it in water or letting it fall. You keep it carefully in your pocket, suspended on a chain, or in its case. At every instant of its structural existence, you keep it in a safe place and see that it is repaired when it needs it. To be convinced of what universal laws will do to a tissue cell, a structure valued by Innate, you should take your watch, a structure valued by you, and hold it over a hard floor or stone and let the law of gravity have it for a fraction of a second.

12) Interference with Transmission of Universal Forces

There can be interference with the transmission of Universal Forces.

The phenomena of Universal Forces are common, and its interference is too common to be discussed at great length. A tree makes shade when the sun shines; lead plates interfere with x-rays; brass stops magnetism; rubber and glass interfere with the passage of electricity, etc., etc. Whether these forces be radiant or conducted, there is a way to interfere with them. If they are being conducted, there is a way to interfere with them. If they are being conducted through material, a gap in the conductor will stop their flow; and a diminishing of the size of the conductor will diminish the amount that gets through. As swiftly as the energies travel in the radiant form and with apparent ease, they all prefer to pause, enter, and be conducted by matter. If this were not true, we could have no electricity for use, no compasses, no radio sets, no shade for comfort, and no sunburns. Each of these energies has a preference for certain kinds of matter. Having these well established facts about natural phenomena, then is it not reasonable to suppose Innates forces might be radiant, but like other forms of energy, prefer a conductor and have a preference for the kind of conductor, which is nerve tissue? And, if this is true, is it not reasonable to suppose, though we cannot see this mental energy, that the impingemement of this living conductor will interfere with the flow? It is true; it is no longer in the realm of theory; it has been proven time and again, when adjustments have gotten sick people well. tissue?

13) The Function of Matter

The function of Matter is to express force.

No where in the Universe can there be matter that does not receive the care taking of Universal Intelligence. The Great Intelligence keeps it up to date every moment and no bit of material is without its share of vibration for the creative thinking of Universal Power is transformed into what we know as forms of energy. We are never aware of these forces until they are expressed by matter. You cannot perceive a motion unless matter does it, and matter will not move, unless a form of energy gets into it. The same may be said of other forms of energy that we know in our study of physics; such as heat, light. and electricity. These forms are all interchangeable, hence life is but vibration in degree. The forms, of which we have spoken, are according to unchangeable laws of physics, therefore unadaptable. It applies to inorganic matter.

Though structures of matter may have many varied functions, all of them are primarily to express force. It is impossible to conceive matter without force or force without matter, and we know that force originates in intelligence. NOTE:- The term force is used in Chiropractic as energy is in physics.

14) Universal Life in All Matter

Force is manifested by motion in matter; all matter has motion, therefore there is universal life in all matter.

This is a principle deprived from, and really belonging to No.2. Life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter. Intelligence is an entity, Matter is an entity. The character of matter when intelligence is present, is what we call life. It is made known to us by matter expressing force which intelligence creates. “Life is manifested by vibrations, according to degree.” Molecules have vibrations- manifesting force. Tissue cells have vibrations- a greater degree of life, manifesting force. Bodies of “animate” things have more movement (from within); still more life. It requires intelligent creative forces to cause such movements. Therefore, an organism, with signs of life, has more intelligence united with it than the molecule. The vibrations of molecules and atoms are manifestations of universal life. Our ability to perceive life is exactly proportional to our ability to recognize Universal Intelligence all about us. Every structure of matter from a lump of clay to the tiger has intelligence in it, exactly proportional to its state of organization. The higher the grade of structure, the higher the grade of intelligence present, to make it and keep it that way.

“Degree” in Chiropractic terminology is taken to mean “degree of perfection”; therefore, it involves quality as well as quantity.

15) No Motion Without the Effort of Force

Matter can have no motion without the application of force by intelligence.

This is a fact that is so obvious that it is easy to overlook. No one ever saw motion, but everyone has perceived matter moving. It was the matter which was seen; and when it possessed motion it was perceived that it changed location, or was changing location. An act is an intangible thing and it is never perceptible to us, unless matter makes it so. If no force were applied to matter, it would be totally inert. Of course no one has ever seen matter, which was in that condition. It is the writer’s opinion that if such were the case, it would cease to exist. It is a proposition reduced to the absurd. All matter has motion and therefore has what Chiropractic calls universal life. The origin of force being intelligence, then any motion is indicative of intelligence, if one cares to note it. But how about matter which has a force applied to it and does not change location? We know such to be true. The answer to that is, we must apply the Laws of Motion and realize there are greater forces than the applied one, which cause the matter to remain stationary. A given portion of matter has molecular motion which we cannot see, and may apparently be at rest.

16) Intelligence in Both Organic and Inorganic Matter

Universal Intelligence gives force to both organic and inorganic matter.

If Universal Force is universal, which it is, it is impossible for any matter to be where Universal Force is not. Organic matter is but inorganic matter built (organized) into structures, and has its quota of Universal Forces. It should be kept in mind, however, that they are fully under the control of Innate Intelligence; that is to say adapted.

17) Cause and Effect

Every effect has a cause, and every cause has effects.

It is evident that one could not exist without the other. There could be no reason for the existence of a cause, if it did not have effects. It is an axiom, that there could not be an effect without causing it.

18) Evidence of Life

The Signs of Life are evidence of the Intelligence of Life.

They are motions of the adaptive kind which show the presence and government of localized intelligence. They differ from the motions of universal forces, in that they show selection and the judgement of local intelligence in every phase. They meet, use, or oppose every environmental circumstance, if it is within the range of their limitations. There are five principle signs of life. Their names in order of importance are: assimilation, excretion, adaptability, growth, and reproduction. An organism may have these signs so latent that it is difficult to tell whether the organism is alive or not. Yet this low organism has its share, its quota, the requisite amount of intelligence for its state of organization.

19) Organic Matter

The material of the body of a “living thing” is organized matter.

Organized matter is structures of molecules and atoms which have been assembled for the purpose of functioning adaptively. They are structures of molecules and atoms which have been assembled for the purpose of functioning adaptively. They are structures that have been built by their innate to house them (the innate). They are, therefore, under the solicitous care of those intelligences, the same as any house would be under the care of its owner. The house of an innate intelligence is built and “kept in repair” by its owner. The structure is precious to the intelligence that built it, but it is not precious as a structure to Universal Intelligence, except insofar as it is a part of the Universal scheme to have structures built in order to tear them down.

20) Innate Intelligence

A “living thing” has an inborn intelligence within its body, called Innate Intelligence.
It is the local intelligence which has built a house for itself and keeps that house in repair, and is the intelligence to which the condition of the structure is of supreme importance.

No one will deny that it requires intelligence to build a body. It cannot be denied that it takes intelligence to build even a tissue cell. No scientist, however clever, has been able to do it and never will, for it is the task for The Infinite.

It must be remembered that infinity is in a tissue cell just as much as in stellar space. It cannot be done by man, no matter how efficient his laboratories are.

The cells and the bodies are built according to a plan. It takes an infinitely wise Architect to make those plans.

Though scientists have studied anatomy and histology for centuries, their knowledge of the body leaves as much unexplored as the Darkest Africa before it was explored.

21) The Mission of Innate Intelligence

The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a “living thing” in active organization.

It is the ambition of Innate Intelligence to build the body and keep it actively organized.

22) The Amount of Innate Intelligence

There is one hundred per cent of Innate Intelligence in every living thing.

The “Quantity” of Innate Intelligence in one thing may not be as much as the “Quantity” in another living thing, but it is the requisite amount, hence one hundred per cent for that thing.

23) The Function of Innate Intelligence

The Function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have coordinate action for mutual benefit.
Everything in the universe has a purpose and that purpose is its function.

Obviously, Innate Intelligence, being in the universe, has a purpose. Objects of inorganic matter do not need adaptation, so they have no special attention from Universal Intelligence. This special attention is given to certain units of matter, by Universal Intelligence, and the name of this special attention is Innate Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence, the law of organization, continually coordinates the forces and materials within the organism to keep it actively organized.

Innate takes elements of no adaptive character, puts them together. “investing with new character,” and now a new structure is brought into being, and is so maintained. Nothing less than intelligence could do this. It is all accomplished, not by creating new forces and matter “out of nothing,” but “investing” what is already existing with new character. Thus the natural energies within the body are assembled and made to do work of organization.

In this light, then Innate Intelligence is the intelligence within the organism, which systematizes the forces already there; it is, scientifically speaking, the principle of organization. Its creations are forces systematized adaptively, and materials built into intelligently planned forms.

24) The Limits of Adaptation

Innate Intelligence adapts forces and matter for the body as long as it can do so without breaking universal law, or Innate Intelligence is limited by the limitations of matter.

It is evident that extreme adaptation cannot be made for the body. Adaptation of matter can only be to the point where molecules and atoms must obey physical and chemical laws. Innate can manage these laws up to a certain point by manipulation, but can not change or destroy them. She can only use them to the limits of matter.

25) The Character of Innate Forces

The forces of Innate never injure or destroy the tissues in which they work.

The forces of Innate are constructive – not destructive.

That something which travels over nerves, which is arranged in cyclic form, is really an intelligent current of life. This life shows that it is an adaptable law, able to make instantaneous changes according to environmental conditions of a tissue cell. None, but the creator can change a law, make laws, or circumvent physical laws, so the life current must be a force directly from Law itself.

What is in the living, which a moment after, is not in the dead? What has gone that has kept these molecules and atoms together in a unit of life, which is able to show manifestations of intelligence, sensibility, and signs of life? Mental force, that which flows over nerves to their peripheral ending. This force or message is specific for the momentary needs of a tissue cell. It must therefore be more highly organized force than that given to molecules and atoms.

26) Comparison of Universal and Innate Forces

In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, Universal Forces are destructive, and Innate Forces are constructive, as regards structural matter.
From our study of physics, we know that the universe is full of energy. We see it manifested in every bit of matter. There seems to be no limit to the amount of energy that may be in space occupied by matter, but there seems to be a limit as to how much of it a given bit of matter can express.

We observe that energy seems to travel; or at least it can express itself in a matter at a distance from its source. We say that it travels by radiation or conduction. When it radiates, it travels swiftly- approximately at the rate of one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles a second. As well as it travels by radiation, however, it seems to like to pause and “play around” in matter. If this were not true, we could not have radio receiving sets for the radio would scorn our aerials. So, though it must travel much slower in matter, it seems that it really prefers that mode.

With many forms of radiant energy, there can be interference with its transference. We will not say all forms, for we do not know, but we do know that an umbrella interferes with the suns rays considerably. Lead hinders X-rays; brass hinders magnetic rays, etc.

In matter, energy travels at a widely variable rate of speed depending upon the form of energy and upon the kind of material and the shape of the material. Through some materials, a given form of energy will scarcely travel at all. Thus we find that electricity prefers some metals, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and the like, but does not pass readily through glass or rubber. Heat will pass through silver, copper, and gold readily, but not glass, asbestos, etc. Magnetism passes through soft iron easily, but not brass or copper or gold and the like. Also, we find that since these forms are radiant, they will easily be caught by the kind of matter they prefer.

There can be interference with the conduction of these energies, as when the conductor has a gap or when its thickness is diminished. When interference with conduction is thus offered to a conducted form of energy, it will be transformed, partly or wholly, back into the radiant form or into some other form. As in a conductor of electricity, we find that electricity, when it suffers interference, transforms into heat and radiates.

Mental energy in the body seems to obey the same laws. As to its radiation, that is another story and is too lengthy and entirely too theoretical to be within the scope of this article. In the conduction form of mental energy, we have more data and plenty of its manifestations. We find that it, too, prefers a conductor and uses nerve tissue for its conveyance. About what mental energy is, we are just as much in the dark as electricians are about electricity, but as electricians can do practical work, nevertheless, so chiropracTORS are not hindered by that lack of knowledge. Theories are a help and are progressive if they are based upon soundly established facts; and as the electrician bases his practical work upon a theory, so can the chiropracTOR.

Let us study another phase of the universal energies. Universal Intelligence, with its universal energies, fills all the space in the universe, and every spot in the universe. Any place without it would be outside the universe, which is impossible and absurd. The body, then, is no exception. Universal energies permeate every cell. But there is this difference; in the body, normally, Innate keeps these forces all balanced, controlled, adapted to her uses at all times- every moment. In fact, that is how “she” does her work- by using the the universal energies she finds at hand. There are always plenty of them. Interference with her balancing forces, which she has assembled (from universal supply of course) prevents balancing and controlling the forces resident at the tissue cell. Interference with the transmission causes the universal forces, in that given spot, to be instantly unbalanced and therefore not behaving as Innate wants them to. Of course, these universal forces must be expressed by matter, as any kind of force must be. That is a chiropractic fundamental; but what material have these universal forces at hand to express them? Anyone can see that it is the tissue cell, for that is the spot we are talking about. Then, this cell is expressing some physical or chemical forces, without the management of Innate Intelligence.

All the energies of the body must be controlled by Innate by balancing, restraining, and augmenting them by the transmission of other forces from the universal source. This is Innates’ job; her mission in the body; her function. She can break no universal laws; create nothing new; but can “juggle” the existing forces to build existing matter into structures to house her, and then continually “juggle” more forces to maintain that house. Let her vigilance be interfered with one moment, and the universal forces play pranks; that is, they are pranks according to Innates’ estimation.

For organic matter, there are adaptable forms of force. These forces show that intelligence has originated them or managed them, and they are for the building and maintenance of living organisms. Should these forces be withdrawn, the living organisms revert to the elemental state wherein their molecules act according to the unswerving laws of physics and chemistry. A living organism has signs of life, which is evidence that it is under the care of intelligence; evidence of special care.

Having these forms of adaptability, sensibility, and the forces which govern the organism, it can respond to any new set of circumstances- not unswerving action but changing action, according to the demands of the moment. In a collection of living cells, as a living unit (for instance, an animal) these forces come from a central point. This points out that intelligence in a well-organized unit has a headquarters.

If we use the hypothesis that mental impulses are energies, then it must be a very carefully composed unit of energies, prepared (created) by Innate in order to impel the cell to proper action, which must be coordinative. Mere action is not sufficient, that would be “stimulation”; it must be right action in quantity, quality, direction, and time. We might conceive of this mental impulse as being composed of certain kind of physical energies, in proper proportions, which will balance other such forces in the Tissue Cell; as electricity, valancy, magnetism, cohesion, etc., etc. Perhaps some of these energies are not known to us in physics. What right have we to assume that we have found them all. The writer presents this as a hypothesis or theory in order to get a working basis. In other places in this book, other theories for the same thing have been offered, for the same purpose.

27) The Normality of Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence is always normal and its function is always normal.

28) The Conductor of Innate Force

The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nervous system.

The chiropractor only aims to restore- to bring about restoration. He adds no more current but removes the obstacles to the normal flow of that which should be supplied to the tissues from the inside. He is able to show how pressure upon nerves can hinder the normal flow and the manner in which he removes the pressure, so that Innate, who is able to attend this body of tissue day and night may deliver that which is necessary to the organs.

29) Interference with the Transmission of Innate Forces

There can be Interference with the Transmission of Innate Forces.

If a nerve is made abnormal in any part (as by impingement) there cannot be normal function of that nerve cell, which is a living organism. The mental impulse is robbed of some of its values and henceforth is (partially or wholly) not a perfectly assembled unit of energies as Innate sent it, but a somewhat dissembled unit. It no longer passes through the nerve “quietly” but “jangles” all the way. It is not entirely harmless to the nerve, and the nerve cell is not “vibrating” normally as it should, as any cell should, when normally functioning. When the psuedo mental impulse arrives at the tissue cell, it is not the perfectly assembled unit that Innate started out on the journey to the cell. It has a proportion of quality which is nothing less than mere unadapted universal forces, unable to balance properly the universal forces, already in the Tissue Cell.

A nerve cell which is impinged is not a cell “at ease.” Therefore, it will not “vibrate” normally in function. Its function is to convey the message. If it does not function properly it does not carry the “urge” properly, therefore the tissue receives a message which does not “read true.”

30) The Cause of Dis-ease

Interference with the transmission of Innate forces causes incoordination or dis-ease.

Interference with transmission prevents Innate from adapting things universal for use in the body and from coordinating the actions of the tissue cells for the mutual benefit of all the cells. Accordingly, the universal forces wear or injure the tissue cells, or cause them to act inharmoniously and thus injure other cells as well. When a cell is injured, worn down, or “out of condition”, it is not “at ease.”

31) Subluxations

Interference with transmission, in the body, is always directly or indirectly due to subluxations in the spinal column.
A subluxation is the condition of a vertebra that has lost its proper juxtaposition with the one above, or the one below, or both; to an extent less than a luxation; and which impinges nerves and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses.

32) The Principle of Coordination

Coordination is the principle of harmonious action of all the parts of an organism, in fulfilling their offices and purposes.

33) The Law of Demand and Supply

The Law of Demand and Supply is existent in the body in its ideal state; wherein the “clearing house,” is the brain, Innate the virtuous “banker,” brain cells “clerks,” and nerve cells “messengers.”

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Vertebral Subluxations

The premise of Chiropractic is that every one’s body possesses the ability to take care of itself if it is functioning at its optimum level, Vertebral Subluxations decrease its optimum level.
It is your brain that controls and coordinates every function of your body including your immune system. Your brain communicates with the organs of your body by way of its nerve system.

Your nerve system’s major network of communication begins at the spinal level. Thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves exit from your spine and junction with other nerves that junction with other nerves that go to every millimeter of your body. It is this system of nerves that allows your body to convey information to your brain. Your brain uses this information to control the functions of your body. Your brain sends informational commands back through the nerve system to a specific organ of your body. It is this way that your body can react to changes in its environment such as trauma, stress, exposure to germs and viruses, etc. When your body has 100% of its ability to react to changes in its environment you are truly healthy.

Your brain is the master controller of your body. It sits on top of your body and is protected by bone- your skull. Your brain extends down through your body. It exits your skull through a hole in its base called the Foramen Magnum (big hole). It continues down through your body as the spinal cord. The spinal cord is also protected by bone- your spine. Your spine is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebra. Between each vertebra is a ligament called the disc. Also between the vertebra is another hole called the inter vertebral foramen (the hole between the vertebra). Out through this hole exit a part of your brain or spinal cord called the spinal nerve. The spinal nerves are the start of the communication system to and from your brain.

A Vertebral Subluxation is when one of the normally freely movable vertebra of your spine gets stuck out of position and loses its motion. The misaligned vertebra stretches the ligament of the disc causing it to swell. The swelling interferes with the spinal nerve exiting the spine next to the swollen disc.

The interference of the spinal nerve alters the communication system that your brain uses to control your body. It can not respond adequately to changes in its environment. Conditions and symptoms such as pain eventually occurs.

Long standing Vertebral Subluxations cause symptoms.


Disease is a term used by physicians for sickness. To them it is an entity that one can have and is worthy of a name, hence diagnosis.
Dis-ease is a term used in Chiropractic, meaning not having ease. It is the condition of matter when it does not have ease. In Chiropractic, ease is the entity, and dis-ease is the lack of it.

Dis-ease, in Chiropractic, is indicative of the body being minus something that should be restored, in order to make it normal; that is, in various modes of expression the body lacks ease, health, coordination, transmission, adaptation, well being, 100% quality, soundness, sanity, etc., which must be brought up to 100%, or RESTORED. That is what Chiropractic aims to do; remember it, RESTORATION.

Dis-ease is the condition of tissue cells when there is incoordination. It is the result of coordination when the tissue cells do their duties correctly. When there is incoordination, tissue cells are sick. When there is coordination there is a good supply of things to make a tissue cell healthy. If it is healthy, it is sound. If tissue cells are not coordinating, some tissue cells will be made unsound therefore they are sick and not at ease.

The interference of the spinal nerve alters the communication system that your brain uses to control your body. It can not respond adequately to changes in its environment. Conditions and symptoms such as pain eventually occurs.

Long standing Vertebral Subluxations cause symptoms.

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