How Long Are Chiropractic Appointments?

If you’re considering chiropractic manipulation to relieve pain and improve your range of motion, you probably want to know what to expect, especially if you’ve never sought chiropractic treatment before. As Sacramento’s provider of chiropractic care, our team at Sunrise Chiropractic often gets questions from new patients like “how long does a chiropractic adjustment take?” 

So, how long are chiropractic appointments? The answer depends on your condition, what you want to achieve, and the treatment method needed. Dive into the details below to learn what to expect from a chiropractic appointment.  

How Long Are Chiropractic Appointments?

Like other healthcare appointments, your first chiropractic appointment will begin with a general examination. Your chiropractor will review your medical history and current health status before asking you about the condition you wish to treat. While chiropractors usually focus on spinal manipulations, some treatments may benefit pain in the legs and shoulders as well.

Next, they’ll discuss a treatment plan that might include specific manipulation techniques and exercises you can do at home. They’ll perform the manipulations at the practice. For any at-home exercises, you should receive specific instructions on how to do them, what they should feel like, and how long to perform each exercise.  

Conditions Chiropractic Adjustments May Help

Chiropractic treatments target several issues. Common injuries that may benefit from a chiropractic adjustment often occur from car wrecks, falls, work-related strains, aging, and previous injuries.

You might seek treatment for specific conditions, such as:

During your first appointment, your chiropractor will help you pinpoint the exact source and cause of your pain and limited mobility. This information will help them develop a treatment plan according to your needs and comfort. 

What to Expect During the First Chiropractic Appointment

how long are chiropractic appointments

How long are chiropractic appointments, especially the first ones? You should expect your first visit to last between 45 minutes to an hour at most. Your initial visit often takes longer than subsequent visits since you must complete the patient intake process and consult with your chiropractor. 

At some chiropractors’ offices, you can download your paperwork from the website. You can fill it out from home and bring it to your consultation visit. This process may shorten your appointment, saving you some time. 

How long does the chiropractor take during the consultation? The initial consultation may take 15 to 30 minutes.

During the consultation, your chiropractor must learn about your injury and general health in-depth before designing a treatment plan.  They will ask you lots of questions about your health, your injury, and the circumstances surrounding it.

You may also participate in a series of assessments. Some injuries require an X-ray of the affected area to determine the injury’s position and how it affects your body. Other assessments include:

  • Posture analysis
  • Reflex analysis
  • Palpitations
  • Range of motion testing

Once they learn the scope of your needs, your chiropractor may begin adjustments and manipulations during the first visit. Your first adjustments may take five to ten minutes. The initial treatments may also help your chiropractor better understand your comfort levels and how well you can move.

What Does a Chiropractic Session Include?

After your initial consultation and adjustment session, each subsequent appointment won’t last as long. However, most patients require more frequent visits for the first few months. You might attend up to four appointments during the first two weeks of treatment.

The appointments during the first month typically last between 15 and 30 minutes. Your chiropractor may ask questions about your progress. Then, they will begin a series of adjustments to improve your progress.

For the following two months, your chiropractor might reduce your appointments. While the frequency ultimately depends on your injury’s severity, most patients only visit two or three times weekly, with appointments lasting only 30 minutes or less. With routine visits, you will start noticing significant pain reduction, increased range of motion, and increased comfort.

After two to three months, you will attend maintenance appointments lasting around 15 minutes once every other week. Depending on your progress, your chiropractor may suggest more or fewer treatments. Maintenance appointments keep your pain at bay while ensuring your mobility continues improving. 

How Long Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Last?

Each adjustment should only take a couple of minutes. However, most chiropractors use a series of adjustments or manipulations that may take ten minutes.

Initial adjustments may take longer so your chiropractor can gauge your flexibility and comfort levels. Chiropractic manipulations should not cause sharp or sudden pain. However, you might experience some discomfort afterward.

How long is a chiropractic session? After your first appointment, the average chiropractic session should take no longer than 30 minutes. Most sessions only take about 15 minutes each.

Since most chiropractors taper the number of visits as their patients progress, your treatment will take less of your time with each passing week. Additionally, you may avoid taking pain medications or invasive procedures like surgeries. Thus, you typically don’t have to worry about downtime after an appointment. 

What You Can Do to Improve Your Treatment Results

Our patients often wonder what they can do to make their results last longer. Typically, your chiropractor can help you develop a personalized at-home plan based on your treatment to increase your progress. However, we often recommend the following habits to many patients:

  • Stay aware of your posture and adjust when necessary.
  • Take walks after long periods of sitting. 
  • Do a few routine stretches in the morning and evening. 
  • Refrain from heavy lifting, especially without adequate help.

Pain reduction and increased mobility require consistent movement to improve circulation and muscle function without strain. 

Discover Relief with Reputable Chiropractors in the Sacramento Area

How long are chiropractic appointments? The answer depends on where you are in your treatment and the injury you sustained. However, a reputable chiropractor will design treatments that reduce your time at the practice each week.

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