How Do Chiropractors Help Movers?

If you are asking yourself, “How do chiropractors help movers?” then you have come to the right place. Everyone knows that moving can be taxing and stressful. In addition to the hassle, there is the worry of the physical demands that often leave you feeling sore after moving.

While moving, you are constantly lifting and moving heavy furniture. Such arduous activity is bound to take its toll on the body, especially if you are out of shape. People often experience back pain after moving furniture, or even worse, pull a muscle or herniate a disk.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you do injure your lower back after lifting furniture, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor immediately.

A chiropractic adjustment is a treatment option available to any individual who is experiencing upper or lower back pain. A certified chiropractor uses precise bone manipulation and adjusts the joints to provide pain relief.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

You may have some vague idea of what a chiropractor does but haven’t looked into the details. You probably assume they help with back or neck pain, which is true, but you are uncertain about how they help with the pain. You might even be wondering, “How do chiropractors know where to adjust?”

Such questions are all important because they give you a better understanding of what chiropractors do and how they can help you. When you have a better grasp of their methods and treatments, you can make an informed decision on how they can help your specific needs.

Chiropractors are trained health professionals who focus on spinal manipulation to provide pain relief. Individuals who have back, muscle or joint pain go to a chiropractor to help reduce pain and improve their range of motion. Choosing to see a chiropractor is a great alternative to medicine and can even eliminate the need for surgery.

With specific techniques, chiropractors apply pressure and use swift and sudden movements. This quick application of pressure helps adjust your joints and relieve pain. Once your joints are manipulated, your body becomes properly aligned.

Once your body is properly aligned, you will not only feel better but your joints and back will function better as well.

How Do Chiropractors Help Movers?

how do chiropractors help movers

Now that you know what a chiropractor does, you may have a better idea of how they can help movers. Moving into a new home or apartment requires not only lots of heavy lifting but also lots of continuous movement. Moreover, moving often involves maneuvering furniture up and downstairs, increasing the risk of injury and back pain.

There are large pieces of furniture and a plethora of heavy boxes that need to be packed and walked to the car or truck. The back and forth from the building to the car, then to the new home, requires the use of muscles you may not engage very often, causing you to become sore after moving.

If you experience back pain after moving furniture, it is time to call a chiropractor. They will assess your pain and create a treatment plan for your needs. Once treatment is decided, the chiropractor will manipulate your spine, ultimately lessening your pain or discomfort.

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Can a Chiropractor Put My Back or Neck “Back in Place?”

If you are experiencing lower back pain from moving furniture, something may feel off or “out of place.” You may even ask your chiropractor whether they can move your back in place. While this terminology is common when speaking of back and neck pain, it does not accurately describe what happens when you visit the chiropractor.

There is continuous research being studied and developed on spinal alignment. None of this research suggests that injuries treated by a chiropractor can be moved “back in place.” So, if nothing in your back has moved out of place, what exactly has happened?

When you are experiencing back pain, it is actually due to a limited range of motion, an unusual feeling of tension, or some type of pain. It is not because a bone, joint, or vertebrae is out of place. Your chiropractor will manipulate the vertebrae and the joints to provide pain relief.

The Importance of Seeing Your Chiropractor Regularly

Chances are you know a family member, friend, or coworker who goes to the chiropractor regularly.

You might have never given much thought as to why they go so often, even if they are not in a great deal of pain. What you probably do not know is that going to a chiropractor regularly is the best way to know whether you have any misalignments.

If you are a professional mover, lifting heavy items every day begins to wear down the body. The rigorous and demanding activity involved in moving can lead to long-term upper or lower back pain. When you have a highly physical job, it is important to take care of your joints and try to be as preventive as you can about an injury.

When you frequently visit a chiropractor, they help you maintain a strong core and proper alignment. When you are balanced and strong, the risk of injury or developing back pain from moving furniture decreases.

Steps to Take to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic Visits

It is important to continue care after your chiropractic appointments. This allows you to get the most out of each treatment. There are many simple steps to take that will increase your results and overall health.

After an appointment, be sure to keep your back straight to ensure your muscles stay in the correct place. Having a good balance and maintaining a moderately active lifestyle also aids in keeping healthy joints.

When you exercise, your body produces lubrication that helps with tight muscles. Stretching before exercise is equally important as it helps elongate the muscles. While visiting a chiropractor is the right step to take for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is helpful to take additional steps to get the best results.

When Is It Time to Call an Experienced Chiropractor?

If you are planning on moving or have recently moved and are experiencing back pain after moving furniture, it is time to call Sunrise Chiropractic in the Citrus Heights, California, area. The continuous strain on your back from the persistent moving of furniture and heavy boxes wears on your back and joints. Seeing an experienced chiropractor can get you the relief you are looking for.

Dr. Doug Loehrer is an experienced chiropractor who has helped many patients suffering from back pain. He will create a course of treatment that is tailored to your needs.

Dr. Doug Loehrer at Sunrise Chiropractic is here to provide relief for strained muscles and back pain as a result of moving large and heavy objects. He is the most trusted and dependable chiropractor in the Citrus Heights area.

If you are experiencing constant back pain after moving or lifting heavy furniture, it is time to call Sunrise Chiropractic in Citrus Heights, CA, at (916) 727-6400. Our experienced team is here to help treat your pain and improve the function of your back. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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