A Detailed Guide on How To Prepare Before Chiropractic Visit

Like many people, you might feel apprehensive before your first chiropractor visit. Maybe you’re unsure what to expect from a chiropractor or don’t know how to prepare before a chiropractic visit. 

For many people, the term “chiropractic” may conjure images of someone cracking their back. It’s true chiropractors primarily focus on the spine. However, they can also work on other bone structures, like the shoulders, knees, elbows, necks, hips, hands, and wrists. 

By preparing your chiropractic visit ahead of time, you can ease the anxiety and ensure you get the most out of your visit. 

Read on to learn how to prepare for your chiropractic appointment and have a productive visit. 

Contact the Chiropractor Ahead of Time

When you have an appointment to see a chiropractor, call the office at least two days before the scheduled date to confirm your visit. During the call, ask the office if you should bring anything or if you should know any information before the appointment. You want to be as ready as possible for the chiropractic treatment to ensure the best outcome. 

Have Your Documents in Order

You will need to provide some information on your first chiropractic visit. Therefore, be sure to collect all documents regarding your medical history. If you currently use supplements or medications, ensure you have the necessary details about them. 

You should also be ready to answer any questions about your current health status. Having your payment and insurance details ready before your chiropractic appointment is also critical. 

Understand Your Symptoms

Your active participation during your chiropractic visit will help the chiropractor diagnose and treat your condition quickly and effectively. Therefore, before your appointment, you should take the time to evaluate your symptoms and carefully note them down. 

During your first visit, the chiropractor will ask you various questions about the discomfort or pain you’re experiencing. Many chiropractors advise patients to maintain a pain log, taking note of what happens before, during, and after they experience pain. 

The notes will help you explain the symptoms and help your chiropractor diagnose and treat your condition efficiently. 

Try to answer the following question when evaluating and taking notes of your symptoms:

  • Where do you experience the pain or discomfort?
  • How did the pain begin? Is it a result of an injury? 
  • Can you describe the pain level or severity? Is it stabbing, throbbing, aching, or dull and continuous?
  • How often do you experience acute pain? Do any positions or activities make it worse or better?

What To Wear to a Chiropractic Appointment 

You should wear appropriate clothing when visiting your chiropractor. You don’t have to dress up. The Chiropractor will ask you to lie down on a table during treatment. Ensure you wear comfortable clothing to make this task easy.

Consider wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts instead of anything tight. Your chiropractor may also ask you to move around. In that case, you need loose-fitting clothing since restrictive clothing may make diagnosing your pain difficult. 

You may also need to remove your shoes during treatment. Therefore, avoid wearing heels, lace-up boots, or anything else that could be challenging to remove and put back on. 


Relaxing is integral to getting ready for a chiropractic visit. The treatment involves various manipulations and adjustments of your bone structures. Performing these tasks might be challenging for the chiropractor if you feel tense and stiff during the appointment. 

Also, plan to arrive a bit early for your appointment. Sitting in the waiting room for a while will help ease your anxiety. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and just get yourself ready for the treatment. 

What To Expect at Your First Chiropractor Visit

After discussing the nature of your condition with your chiropractor, they will perform a physical examination. The exam may include:

  • Feeling your spine
  • Investigating your joint movements
  • Testing your muscle reflexes, strength, and range of motion 

After the examination, the chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan and explain the details. The treatment may include spinal adjustment and other techniques. After your first appointment, the chiropractor may recommend follow-up chiropractic sessions, depending on your condition and treatment needs. 

Taking notes during your appointment is important. Your chiropractor may outline things you should or should not do. Writing these things down will help you remember them once you leave. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the protractor to clarify anything you don’t understand about your treatment plan. 

What To Expect at Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

In learning how to prepare before a chiropractic visit, you need to understand what first-time chiropractic adjustments entail. The spinal alignment process involves manual manipulation. The chiropractor will stretch, thrust, and apply pressure as appropriate until they achieve optimal spine alignment. 

Besides undergoing comprehensive training, chiropractors have licenses to use various techniques to provide personalized chiropractic care. They perform a comprehensive needs assessment before recommending a treatment plan. 

After determining the right action plan, they will employ specific controlled forces depending on your pain points and other underlying conditions. Your chiropractor may use one of the most popular chiropractic methods that involve a strong directional thrust right into the painful joint. 

The joint will release pressure, producing a popping or cracking sound. The sound signifies air escaping the painful area. You may feel instant relief after the pressure release. 

You may experience mild discomfort during or after the chiropractic adjustment. However, many patients describe this feeling as not painful. 

How Long Does a Chiropractic Session Last?

Chiropractic appointments usually range from 15 to 45 minutes. Initial chiropractic visits last about 45 minutes because they include a comprehensive examination. The chiropractor needs sufficient time to understand your problem and develop a personalized treatment plan before commencing treatment. 

Some of the factors that determine how long a chiropractic adjustment lasts include:

  • The cause of spinal misalignment 
  • The severity of the misalignment 

These factors will also determine how many adjustments you’ll need and the frequency. Many patients need at least four weekly sessions to achieve optimal spinal alignment. Some patients need as many as 12 weekly sessions. 

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